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Filter Hydrocarbons Easily with Filter Pads

If you routinely need to filter out oil, gas, grease and other hydrocarbons from rainwater, filter pads from are sure to do the trick. We strictly carry filter pads that are of the most impeccable quality. PVC and polyethylene construction makes these among the best spill containment liners on the market, and you will get an incredible value when you purchase them from us.

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Filter Pad
Filter Pad

Capture oil, gas and other hydrocarbons while allowing clean rainwater to flow through. The Filter Pad can be used on construction sites, oil fields and other areas where spill containment is needed but shelters or structures are not available. The polyethylene and PVC design is lightweight but durable - folds for quick and easy storage or transport.

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Filter Pad Replacement Liner
Filter Pad Replacement Liner

The Filter Pad Replacement Filters allow clean water to pass through while filtering out any hydrocarbons. The X-Tex liners quickly capture oil, grease and fuel leaks and spills. For use with Filter Pads; replacement filters come in a pack of (4) four.

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Buy the Best Spill Containment Liners

Our filter pads are well-suited for fuel spill containment because they effectively filter out oils and other contaminants while allowing fresh rainwater to flow right through. These pads are popularly used in oil fields and in the construction industry because they're highly effective and easy to use. Their lightweight yet durable design makes them easy to store. We also carry high-quality replacement filters for our top-selling filter pads, so you can stretch your dollar even further.