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Gratemaster Trash Guard "Plus"

Permanent Storm Drain Inlet Protection

Permanently protect your storm water with storm drain protection from Our permanent catch basin debris filters separate debris and sediment from storm water, keeping our most precious resource clean and usable. Permanent inlet filters are the last line of efficient defense in protecting our waterways. At, we offer catch basin filters that are easy to maintain and clean, and most products we sell offer optional booms for specific pollutant removal.

Find the Best Product for Your Needs

At, we have many different types of inlet protectors so our customers can choose the best one for their application. If you’re not sure which product is best for your needs, just contact us. We have years of experience selling inlet filters and we would be happy to help you find the best inlet protector for your particular project. Need a large number of inlet filters? We offer bulk discounts, so let us know how many you need.

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Trash Guard Gratemaster Gratemaster Filter

TrashGuard is a patented stormwater pre-treatment device that captures debris, sediment and floatables. TrashGuard is easy to install and maintain and costs a fraction of other pre-treatment devices currently available.

The Gratemaster is an adjustable drop inlet filter designed to capture sediment, trash and debris from stormwater. The frame adjusts in increments of 8" on each side and the filter snaps to the frame in minutes, making it easy to install and maintain.

Optional Gratemaster filters snap on easily to the inside of the unit. The filter is made to expand to any size frame. The filter is made with a monofilament fabric and built in overflow holes.