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Basic 3" x 4' Tube
Basic Tube - 3" x 4'

The Basic Tube is 3" in diameter and comes 4' long. It can be used around machinery to catch drips or leaks or to contain a spill to a specific area. The Basic Tubes are designed with a needle-punched skin that draws the fluid to the center so it won't leak out. The durable fabric and hand sewn seams keep them from snagging and tearing due to rough environments. Lightweight with great absorption. Absorbs non-aggressive fluids.

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Oil Only Tube
Oil Only Tube - 3" x 4'

Oil Only Tubes help keep plant floors clean by absorbing fluids at the source. Use around machinery and equipment for everyday maintenance or emergencies. These tubes will absorb oils and gas while repelling water.

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Basic Pillow - 17" x 17"
Basic Pillow - 17" x 17"

The Basic Pillows are 17" x 17" and are filled with highly absorbent cellulose base fibers. They absorb water, oil, inks, antifreeze, hydraulic fluids, paint, alcohol - just about anything! Absorbs 28 gallons per case; 18 pillows per case.

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Oil Only Pillow
Oil Only Pillow - 17" x 17"

The Oil Only Pillow is 17" x 17" and is designed to absorb oils and gas for quick response to spills. Made to repel water and float even when fully saturated, they can be used inside and outside. Absorbs 22 gallons per case; 16 pillows per case.

Our Price: $98.00
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Oil Only LandShark Boom
oil Only Landshark Boom - 5" x 10'

The LandShark Boom is made of durable polypropylene casing with polypropylene filler to absorb oil and repel water. This can be used either on land or in water and is great for controlling groundwater runoff problems. Comes with tipper ties for connecting.

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Oil Only SharkBoom
Oil Only Sharkboom - 5" x 10'

The SharkBoom is ideal for use on water. This boom will absorb petroleum based fluids and repel water. The double wall casing ensures durability and prevents filler from leaking out. Overlap multiple booms together to form any length using their heavy duty snaps and rings.

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Oil Only Water Broom - 5" x 10'

The WaterBROOM is designed to absorb and contain hydrocarbons on water surfaces for prolonged periods of time. The orange PVC coated skin is extremely durable and UV resistant. WaterBROOM has unique male and female couplings that connect to prevent gaping.

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