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Grate Removal Sampling Kit
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Protect Your Waterways with Stormwater Management Tools

Storm water runoff can bring trash and sediment into your waterways, proving to be extremely damaging to the water quality in your area’s rivers, streams and lakes. That's why today's industrial workers and public works professionals need to make sure that they have the right storm water management tools on hand. Our storm water solutions include everything from sediment control devices to grate removal products and they're each designed to provide greater prevention of waste entering stormwater runoff.

Stormwater Solutions for Your Area

With excellent control of storm water and runoff through a stormwater BMP, professionals in the field will find that even erosion and sediment control is a great deal easier. That's because our products trap sediment, reduce erosion and funnel storm water into containment devices and waterways with ease. Be sure to browse our selection today and get started with the right products for excellent long-term results. Don’t forget to ask us about discounts for buying in bulk.

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Erosion Eels Grate Hook Mud Mats
Grate Hook
Our Price: $25.00
Mud Mats
Our Price: $240.00

The Erosion Eel is an environmentally friendly, low impact erosion and sediment control device. It is reusable within a project and can be moved to other project sites. This product is manufactured with a high flow/ high strength outer filter sleeve encasing 100% shredded tire filter media.

Protect your hands from injury while removing grates. The heavy duty steel hook fits all grates and helps in the process of lifting and removing grates. The Grate Hook is 6" long and has a 5" width (handle), with a 3/4" thickness.
Mud Mats consist of pocketed, double-wall, high-strength fabric with high tensile reinforcing ribs confined within each sleeve which allows for easy deployment and amazing structural stability.Ground pressure from vehicle tires is reduced up to 40x causing minimal ground disturbance.
Grate Lifter Sampling Kit
Grate Lifter
Our Price: $500.00
Sampling Kit
Our Price: $1,485.00

The Grate Lifter is an ergonomically designed lifter that allows a single person to lift any grate! This minimizes potential injuries as well as personnel and maintenance costs. The Grate Lifter also disassembles quickly for easy storage and shipping.

The Sampling Kit is a convenient, economical kit that makes storm water sampling quick and easy. The kit includes everything needed for accurate measurement and testing of pH and turbidity levels. This kit helps comply with NPDES sampling and monitoring requirements of individual permits.