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Temporary Stormwater Filters for Curb Inlets

Curb inlet filters remove debris and pollutants from stormwater runoff, keeping the drainage waterways in your area clear and preventing contamination. Inlet protection options use synthetic or natural materials to effectively control sediment and keep unwanted debris from contaminating your waterways. Sediment control is imperative to effective stormwater management, and the specially designed stormwater filters we offer facilitate water management, reduce maintenance costs and increase the effectiveness of the drainage system.

Your Waterways Deserve the Best Stormwater Management

Our curb inlet filters are water permeable and securable to any open curb inlet, helping to prevent ponding and overflow, even in heavy storm situations. By using high quality inlet filters from, you can remain in compliance with state and federal regulations while protecting your waterways from preventable contamination. We’ve been selling top quality best management practices for years, so take a look around our store and you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Placing a large order? Contact us for information on our bulk discounts!

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RockIn Filter Gutterbuddy Gutter Eel - 1 pallet
Gutter Eel - 1 pallet
Our Price: $750.00
The RockIn Filter is a high flow geosynthetic curb inlet filter. The filter is 6' long with a 6" diameter and delivers to your jobsite ready to fill with suitable high flow, high filtration media such as rock or mulch.

Gutterbuddy curb inlet filters effectively prevent sediment, debris and other pollutants from entering storm water systems. The filtering action lets water freely flow through the fibrous material while stopping sediment and debris. Built-in overflows drain water quicker during extreme events.

The GutterEEL is a curb inlet sediment control filter used to remove suspended soils, trash and debris from stormwater runoff. Gutter EEL is made of 100% shredded tire filter media and is designed with a built in overflow weir to prevent ponding during heavy storm events.
Filter Sock Gravel Bags GutterGator Weight
Guttergator Weight
Our Price: $7.00

The Filter Sock stops harmful substances from entering the stormwater system. The woven polymer casing allows water to pass through quickly while filtration media inside removes pollutants. All units are 9' lengths and can be overlapped for longer coverage.

These heavy-duty bags provide quick and easy sediment and erosion control. Gravel bags are a basic BMP used to meet regulatory requirements for stormwater and erosion control. The sizes and industry standard allow the user to fill them up with as much or as little gravel (not included) as the application requires.
The GutterGator weight is designed to hold the GutterGator in place. These weights are made to fit the weight pockets of the GutterGator unit. One weight should be used for the 6' section and two weights should be used for all other sizes of the GutterGator.

GutterGator Econocurb - 6' Curbmaster
Econocurb - 6'
Our Price: $38.50
Our Price: $279.00

GutterGator is a curb inlet filter designed for high flow volumes while maintaining maximum sediment retention. Easy to assemble an keeps trash, debris, and sediment out of storm sewers. Weight pockets hold the unit in place while the tie back straps offer additional support.
Curb inlets come in a variety of sizes and protecting them during construction can be tricky. That is why we created the EconoCurb, the newest curb inlet filter from ACF Environmental. This reusable device prevents sediment, debris and other pollutants from entering stormwater systems.

The newly redesigned Curbmaster is designed to remove sediment, trash, and debris from entering stormwater inlets. It is manufactured with a heavy duty, high flow mesh with built in overflow that offers a permanent solution to removing stormwater pollutants from entering the drain. Optional filter changes can be configured according to job requirements. The Curbmaster easily installs in minutes and in total is 1/8" thick. It is an essential piece of comprehensive best management practice approach for site sediment control.