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Sod Staples Concrete Washout Filter
Concrete Washout Berm Industry Specific

Protect Your Waterways from Washout

Prevent harmful industrial washout in stormwater runoff and other water management situations with the proper filters and tools from Our products help you reduce toxic heavy metal runoff by effectively removing zinc-heavy sediments, heavy metals and hydrocarbons for less turbidity. For concrete washout, the containment berms and filtration systems we offer are made to neutralize the potentially harmful paint, drywall, mortar and other industrial sediments in construction projects. We also offer replacement filter pods and parts designed to increase the lifetime and effectiveness of your responsible containment system. Products such as our sod staples help secure erosion blankets for soil repairs, water management and properly secured erosion control to help you meet all federal and state regulations.

Everything You Need to Manage Stormwater Runoff

At, we pride ourselves on having all of the highest quality best management practices for stormwater runoff. When you look through our store, you’ll notice that we offer the best solutions for preventing waterway contamination at great prices. Have questions about these erosion control products or any other products we sell? Just contact us. We’ll use our years of experience to help you create the best stormwater management program for your city or community.

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Dirtbag 1105 Floc Snake 1106 Floc Snake

The Dirtbag is used to dewater ponds, sumps, or water from holes around construction sites.The Dirtbag will retain the silt, sand and fines while allowing the filtered water to seep out safely into the drainage system.

The Floc Snake works to reduce turbidity, hydrocarbons, and heavy metals from stormwater. Much like the 1106 model, the 1105 Floc Snake is ideal for removal of sediment, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, and high zinc levels.

The Floc Snake works to reduce turbidity, hydrocarbons, and heavy metals from stormwater. The 1106 Floc Snake is ideal for removal of sediment, heavy metals, and hydrocarbons.
Concrete Washout Berm Replacement Neutralization Packets (10 Pack) Replacement Filter Pod (1 Pack)
Concrete Washout Berm
Our Price: $89.00

The Concrete Washout Berm is an economical and portable containment for concrete washout. This product is a portable solution for harmful industrial concrete sediment, paint, drywall mud, stucco and mortar. The Concrete Washout Berm is made of UV resistant, 10 mil polyethylene.

The Replacement Neutralization Packets come in a pack of 10. They are to be used with the Concrete Washout Filter. The Neutralization Packets are single use.

The Replacement Filter Pod is for use with the Concrete Washout Filter. The average Filter Pod will handle about 1,250 - 1,500 gallons of washout or approximately 100 washouts.
Replacement Filter Sock 6" Sod Staples Mud Mats
Mud Mats
Our Price: $240.00

The Replacement Filter Sock is for use with the Concrete Washout Filter. This unit attaches to a hose or the discharge port and removes more fine particles for areas with more stringent turbidity requirements. Sold in packs of 3.

The 6" Sod Staples are perfect for fastening and installing erosion control blankets. The staples are 6" in length and made of 11 gauge wire. One box includes 1000 staples.
Mud Mats consist of pocketed, double-wall, high-strength fabric with high tensile reinforcing ribs confined within each sleeve which allows for easy deployment and amazing structural stability.Ground pressure from vehicle tires is reduced up to 40x causing minimal ground disturbance.
Truck Tarp (7x15)
Truck Tarp (7x15)
Our Price: $20.00
ACF Environmental, the leader in geosynthetic products, now offers lightweight dump truck tarps for your hauling needs. Our truck tarps are made out of woven shade cloth fabric, and offer permeability while holding any type of load. Our tarps are ideal for hauling a number of different types of material, including gravel, trash, debris, fill dirt, sand, mulch, wood chips, and much more. Our truck tarps are offered in widths of 7’ and 7.5’, and can accommodate any length you may need to cover your specific truck bed size. We do also offer widths of 12’ on request. ACF does offer custom sizes for truck tarps, contact ACF if you have a request for custom sizing.