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Spill Mats and Pads Get the Job Done Right

Cleaning up an oil spill can be difficult. Thanks to oil's lubricant nature and its strong resistance toward mixing with water, most typical industrial solvents simply won't work when cleaning up a larger oil-based mess. That's why today's industrial professionals should rely on our extensive collection of spill pads and absorbent mats to get the job done.

Find the Best Absorbent Mats for Your Needs

These spill mats and pads have been designed with a unique chemical and material composition that specifically focuses on absorbing and containing oil. They're the perfect way for industrial business owners to effectively clean up a spill of any size, all without an endless battle between oil, water, and more traditional industrial solvents.

To get started with our absorbent pads and mats, be sure to browse our extensive selection. We have the right spill pad size and type for businesses of any size. Don’t forget to ask about bulk discounts for large orders.

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Universal Pads
Universal Pads, 15" x 19"

The fibrous texture of the Universal Pads grabs fluids and brings them into the center of the mat. These products absorb both non-aggressive fluids and aggressive fluids. The Universal Pads are offered in three different thicknesses: light, medium and heavy.

Oil Only Pads
Oil Only Mats, 15" x 19"

These white Oil Only Pads have a fibrous texture that draw hydrocarbon-based fluids into the center of the pad while repelling water. These pads are made of standard melt-blown polypropylene and have no dimples or perforations. The Oil Only Pads are offered in three different thicknesses: light, medium and heavy.

Oil Only Mats
Oil Only Mats, 15" x 19"

The Oil Only Mats are made of durable, 3-ply melt-blown polypropylene and are great for everyday clean-ups and emergency spills. These mats will absorb oils, lubricants, solvents and other oil-based fluids and will float indefinitely, even when saturated with oil!

Universal Mats
Universal Mats, 15" x 19"

The Universal Mat absorbs all industrial liquids, including water-based, oil, petroleum and chemical based fluids. These mats are best for industrial applications where greater durability and lower linting is needed. The Universal Mats feature dimples for added durability and perforations to help reduce waste.